My Best Health Partner™ Medical Devices

Access to the best devices and supplies

As a leading provider of health and wellness programs for large corporation, Provectus has relationships with the premier medical device manufacturers.

Provectus uses these relationships and their purchasing power to secure discounts on the best medical devices and supplies for their My Best Health Partner™ program participants. For the first time, individuals who are not participating in large corporate health programs now have the same access to the best medical devices and medical supplies at the best prices.


Not all devices are the same

Ease of use, accuracy and the ability to transfer information are just a few of the important features sought by Provectus for medical devices for all their health and wellness program participants.

Provectus is constantly using the collective feedback from our nurses and program participants to identify the best products and work with device manufactures to identify areas for improvement on those products. Together we help manufactures find ways to lower costs, improve quality and increase usage.

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Easy measurement transfer
  • Ease of use
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Cost effective

Did you know?

According to experts, one of the top trends for healthcare is new and improved medical devices.

The biggest gains will be in the area of information transmission. New devices will increasingly be able to easily and securely transfer information real-time from the device to health professionals.

The ability to transmit information, will reduce unnecessary hospital visits, resulting in savings for the patient. Moreover, having real-time results will allow healthcare professionals to identify potentially serious trends and proactively act before a patient experiences more damaging consequences.