My Best Health Partner™ Nurses

Specifically trained for chronic care management

All Provectus Nurse Care Managers are Registered Nurses with a minimum 5 years experience. Many of our nurses have earned a Master’s Degree and teach nursing, although this is not a specific requirement.

To qualify for consideration as a My Best Health Partner™ nurse, nurse candidates must have expertise in specific areas such as respiratory, cardiovascular and diabetes care. A nurse meeting our qualification must undergo, or have already received, approved training in the area of chronic care management.

Nurses are assigned to an enrollee based on the enrollee's conditions and a nurse's specific areas of expertise. As long as the individual remains in the program, they will work with the same nurse each month.


Nursing care backed by a proven method of success
  • Using our proven, proprietary program, nurse will work with the enrollee to create a plan for best health
  • Nurse will coordinate care based on doctors orders
  • A key component of best health is care, understanding and support
  • In the case of minors, nurses are experienced in helping the family work together
  • Education and explaining the consequences of good and bad choices helps create awareness and improved health decision making
  • Tracking, identifying and overcoming condition triggers

What Our Enrollees Say

“You and this program have helped 2 people tremendously. My entire family is thrilled because they had worried about me and my asthma.” - Ms G, Asthma


“This is a great program. Just knowing you are going to call and ask my weight makes me think before I eat something I shouldn’t.” - Mr K, Diabetes


“What a wonderful program... I love your suggestions and input and I look forward to talking with you each month.” - Ms. U, Asthma