My Best Health Partner™ Program

We specialize in assisting individuals diagnosed with Asthma, Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Hypertension, Elevated Cholesterol, Obesity, Heart Disease, and/or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) regain their health.

As a member of the My Best Health Partner™ program, you will receive your own Personal Health Advocate (PHA) who will work with you, or you and your caregivers, to establish realistic health goals and support your physician’s care plan. The program is not designed to replace your doctor’s advice, but be supportive of the care plan your physician has developed for you.

Some of the benefits of the program include
  • Free monitors, based on diagnosis, delivered directly to your home
  • Working with a registered nurse assigned to you based on your condition
  • Support of the care plan developed by your physician
  • Access to discounted diabetic supplies delivered directly to your home
  • Your own private and secure health and wellness portal
  • Free educational materials
  • Free recipes
  • Healthy choice counseling
  • One low monthly payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the My Best Health Partner™ program designed only for individuals covered under Medicare?
MyBestHealthPartner was specifically designed to help all individuals diagnosed with a chronic illness, regardless of their age or coverage under health insurance plans or Medicare
What conditions does the My Best Health Partner™ program manage?
Asthma, Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Heart Disease, and/or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Does MyBestHealth partner coordinate with my physician's care plan for me?
How long do I have to commit to participate in the My Best Health Partner™ program?
Individuals may participate in the My Best Health Partner™ program as long as they feel they are receiving a benefit. There is no specific time commitment.
If I am diabetic am I required to purchase:
  • Nurse Care Management   

    While we highly recommend the Nurse Care Management for counseling purposes, free educational material, free recipes, coordination of care with physician care plans, etc, an individual is not under any obligation to use this feature. An individual may also elect to use the Nurse Care Management service and terminate at a later date if they feel they can continue their progress on their own, without negatively impacting the receipt of monitors or diabetic supplies.
  • Diabetic Supplies  

    A key component to managing diabetes is having the ability to track daily blood glucose levels. My Best Health Partner™ provides free blood glucose monitors to diabetic enrollees and diabetic supplies on a discounted basis. These monitors have unique features and are not available through local pharmacies. The diabetic test strips are unique to these monitors and are priced considerably less than comparable test strips through local pharmacies. Monitors and supplies are shipped directly to an individual's home. The program monitors and associated diabetic supplies are optional with the Nurse Care Manager or can be purchased on a stand alone basis. Supplies are shipped on an automated schedule of 30, 45, 60 days based on the frequency of the individual's testing regimen.
Do I have to receive an order from my physician in order to purchase diabetic supplies?
Am I limited as to the number of diabetic test strips that I can purchase?
I am covered under a health plan at work. How can My Best Health Partner™ help me?
Small employer health plans, individually purchased health plans, and many large employer health plans do not provide any type of disease management benefits. It has been long proven that individuals that proactively manage their diagnosed condition have a greater chance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle and reduced health care expenses. Many health plans today have high deductibles in which individuals are required to purchase monitors and diabetic supplies on a retail basis, which can be very expensive. Some health plans even restrict the number of test strips that an individual can purchase. A common feature of health plans today are Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and/or Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA). Costs associated with the MyBestHealthPartner are reimbursable under many of these.
My Mom, Dad, or other family member has been diagnosed with one of the conditions managed by My Best Health Partner™ . I live several hours away and would very much like for someone to work with them to help manage their condition. Can I purchase the program for them?
What Our Enrollees Say

“You and this program have helped 2 people tremendously. My entire family is thrilled because they had worried about me and my asthma.” - Ms G, Asthma


“This is a great program. Just knowing you are going to call and ask my weight makes me think before I eat something I shouldn’t.” - Mr L, Diabetes


“What a wonderful program... I love your suggestions and input and I look forward to talking with you each month.” - Ms. U, Asthma


“I've lost 16 pounds and plan to lose 10-12 more. I ran in my first 5k. The doctor lowered my diabetes medication. I couldn't be happier!” - Ms. C, Diabetes